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Philips Wireless Home Speaker

All your sounds. Any room.

This wireless speaker is great on its own, and even better with others. Match it with your TV or other speakers for great multi-room sound. Pair for stereo. Or deepen the Ambilight of your Philips TV by letting the speaker join in too.


DTS Play-Fi. High-quality multi-room audio

This wireless speaker is DTS Play-Fi compatible, so you can easily sync with other Play-Fi-compatible speakers for multi-room audio. If your soundbar supports Play-Fi Surround, you can even make this speaker part of a true surround-sound setup on movie night.


Rich sound. Pair for stereo in the same room

A woofer, two passive radiators, and a tweeter combine to give you rich sound with powerful bass and sparkling treble. Wi-Fi streaming gives you the highest-quality signal, and ensures the audio syncs perfectly between speakers, or rooms.


Boost the sound of your smart assistant speakers

Ask Alexa-enabled devices, or any device that has the Google Assistant, to play music through the speaker. Turn the volume up for a party. Turn it down late at night. Get the news and more. All completely hands-free.

Philips Wireless Home Speaker

SKU: TAW6205
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