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Bene Casa Double Electric Burner

The Bene Casa double electric burner in white offers a lightweight, easily portable but powerful cooking surface for pots, pans, kettles, coffee makers and more. At 10.75-inches by 3-inches by 11.5-inches, it is compact, with coil type burners to ensure even, consistent heat during cooking for superior results wherever you may be. The lightweight white body features front mounted temperature controls for each burner, giving versatile cooking performance no matter what you may be preparing. A power indicator light lets you know when the burner is on, providing safe, simple cooking whenever you want. Suitable for use with a wide range of cooking equipment, the versatile electric double burner is not only great in the yard or on your travels, but makes a fantastic emergency backup too, with enough power to cook a meal for your family if needed. Order your bene Casa electric double burner today, it’s easy to control, portable and powerful, the ideal cooking companion wherever you may be.

Bene Casa Double Electric Burner

SKU: BC-47165
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